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  • Research on „Awareness, knowledge, use, and attitudes toward evidence based medicine in a developing country: survey of physicians in a canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ was published in the December 2016 issue of Croatian Medical Journal, available at: http://www.cmj.hr/2015/56/6/26718762.htm. Similar research was done in Croatia: http://www.ncbi...
    January 14 2016
  • As a part of the library multimedia space, a Cochrane Room was opened in University Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb, Croatia on 4 November 2015.The Cochrane Room is a separate room within the library, with high-end computers and large screens. The idea is that the name of the Room will foster using Cochrane evidence and motivate hospital staff to...
    December 16 2015
  • In September 2015, we changed the name of our Facebook page from 'Croatian Cochrane Branch' to 'Cochrane Health'. We decided to do this for two reasons: firstly, there have been relatively frequent changes of our organisation’s name: in the beginning we were called the Croatian Branch of the Italian Cochrane Center, then the Croatian Cochrane...
    November 5 2015
  • On 9 September 2015 Cochrane Croatia translated its 1000th Plain Language Summary (PLS)! We started the Translating Cochrane Evidence Project at the beginning of 2013 and translated 350 PLSs in the first 18 months. We then incorporated the translation of PLSs into several courses at the University of Split School of Medicine, and put forward an...
    November 5 2015
  • 7th Croatian Cochrane Symposium “Development and Implementation of Clinical Guidelines” was held on 11th May 2015 at the School of Medicine in Split. Current knowledge on the methodology for development of guidelines and monitoring of their implementation were presented at the symposium.Speakers’ CVs and lecture synopses (PDF)Programme (PDF)
    September 28 2015
  • “Filtering the information overload for better decisions”3rd – 7th October 2015https://colloquium.cochrane.org/ This will be the biggest Colloquium ever!!And that is for good reason - Annual Cochrane Colloquia offer MUCH MORE than a typical conference:- TOP key note speakers - 4 of whom have done TED talks!!- 5 time slots to visit 90-minute...
    September 27 2015
  • Tina Poklepović Peričić was appointed as the new Co-director of the Cochrane Croatia. She replaced Dario Sambunjak, Cochrane Croatia Director from 2009 who was later joined by Irena Zakarija-Grković, the current Cochrane Croatia Co-director.Tina Poklepović Peričić is a Doctor of Dental Medicine and an assistant at the Department for Research in...
    September 26 2015
  • Cochrane Croatia translated and recorded two podcast in Croatian "Preventing stress at work with health professionals" and "Interventions for reducing the time sitting at work". The podcasts are available at:http://www.cochrane.org/hr/podcasts/10.1002/14651858.CD002892.pub5http://www.cochrane.org/hr/podcasts/10.1002/14651858.CD010912.pub2
    August 28 2015
  • Learn more about Cochrane Croatia
    July 14 2015


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