For all who want to familiarize themselves with the activities of Cochrane Croatia and Cochrane, we offer the following:

  1. Introductory article Improving medical practice in Croatia through Cochrane as an excellent introductory article intended for anyone who is unfamiliar with the "Cochrane Collaboration".
  2. Free online course for authors of Cochrane systematic reviews, divided into part I and II, each worth 7.5 points according to the Croatian Medical Chamber regulations. This online course is located at the Interactive Medical Education Centre, InterMeCo and is available throughout the year. It is intended primarily for healthcare professionals who are planning to do  their own systematic review article and publish it in Cochrane Library. Learning materials are also available online; they are based on open-source educational materials of Cochrane, adapted for Croatian users. The on-line course for authors of systematic reviews is divided into two parts (the first part consists of modules 1-5, and the second of modules 6-12), which chronologically follow the complex and strictly defined process of creating a Cochrane systematic review  and logically complement each other. There is an online exam after each part of the course, each containing 50 questions of which 60% must be answered correctly in order to pass the exam.
  3. Learning modules, available to authros of systematic reviews who have encountered any difficulties in their work on the reviews All detalis can be found at
  4. Free Webinars of Cochrane Canada can be found here.