About us

Our history

The Croatian Branch of the Italian Cochrane Centre was officially established on 8th December 2008 at the University of Split School of Medicine as a part of the Croatian Center for Global Health (CCGH). This initiative in Croatia was set forward by professors Ana and Matko Marušić, former Croatian Medical Journal editors, and supported by professor Stipan Janković, former Dean of the University of Split School of Medicine, professor Ivica Grković, former Vice-dean for science and professor Igor Rudan, former director of the CCGH.

Cochrane Croatia became an independent Cochrane Centre on 6th April 2017.


A Croatian society in which individual and system level health care decision-makers understand the importance of using Cochrane Reviews to inform practice, and in which patients and health care users are empowered by access to high-quality, evidence-based information on health interventions


To promote the use and accessibility of Cochrane Systematic Reviews in Croatia. To support and offer high quality training to those interested in using and producing Cochrane systematic Reviews.

Strategic plan

Our team

Irena Zakarija Grković 
Tina Poklepović Peričić, Co-Director
Livia Puljak 
Translator Coordinator
Ana Utrobičić 
Information Specialist
Ana Jerončić
Education Coordinator
Mario Malički 
Wiki Editor
Davor Lukšić 
IT Specialist & Web Editor
Ana Marušić
Research Coordinator
Matko Marušić
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Karmela Krleža-Jerić    Consumer Coordinator