Irena Zakarija - Grković Lectures at the Congress of the Israel Association of Internationally Certified Breastfeeding Advisers

The annual congress of the Israeli Association of Internationally Certified Breastfeeding Counselors was held in Herzelia, a resort north of Tel Aviv, from January 13 to January 14, with the participation of Cochrane Croatia's co-director, asst. prof. Irena Zakarija-Grkovic. Asst. prof. Zakarija-Grković was invited to give three lectures, two in breastfeeding, and one on evidence-based medicine. She was one of only two international speakers to present at this year's congress, attended by over 250 breastfeeding counselors from all over Israel.

When visiting, asst. prof. Irena Zakarija-Grković visited the Mother and Baby center - Laniado Hospital in Netanya, where she taught staff about UNICEF's 'Baby-friendly maternity wards'.