Cochraneova radionica za korištenje uputa za diseminaciju Cochrane proizvoda (Dissemination checklist)

In January this year, 28 representatives of Cochrane geographical groups around the world gathered in London. The representative of Cochrane Croatia was Ružica Tokalić, who participated in a two-day workshop on the new Cochrane dissemination guidelines.

The workshop was led by Claire Genton and Sarah Rosenbaum of Cochrane Norway. In a very dense content for two days, they helped participants write in plain language, define their target audience and find ways to include them in their work, and linguistically best present levels of evidence according to GRADE methodology. The full list of instructions on dissemination, better and customized communication of Cochrane's products can be found on this this link.

There was also time in the dynamic workshop to share the experience and knowledge of different translation teams. In the end, everyone in attendance formed a group to meet in the future and collaborate and share experiences in expanding Cochrane's work.