Presentation and Workshop at the Medical Information Conference Croatia (MICC)

Ana Utrobičić gave a presentation and workshop at this year's MICC, which was held on June 4th at the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine. 

The Central Medical Library in Zagreb in cooperation with Ovid annually organizes a conference dedicated to medical information intended for physicians and other healthcare professionals, as well as information professionals. The intriguing theme of this year's conference was the gray literature in medicine. Cochrane Croatia's information specialist, Ana Utrobičić was invited to hold a presentation of Gray Literature in the Systematic Review Design, as well as a Workshop on Literature Search for the Systematic Review Design.

In her presentation, she emphasized why it is important to include the gray literature search in systematic review, highlighted the diversity of sources of gray literature and difficulties in finding it, referred to some sources available to authors, and Cochrane's recommendations in systematic review, especially the one search related to Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Reviews (MECIR): Searching for studies.

The workshop was very well attended, which testifies to the great interest that exists among our physicians for systematic review and similar types of work. Ana Utrobicic introduced the participants to the basic principles of systematic literature search according to Cochrane's methodology, from the different types of sources that should be considered when searching, to avoid bias as much as possible, to how to set strategy, use special operators and filters in search , storing strategies used, exporting results to appropriate referral management software, and documenting and reporting all searches performed in the paper itself. The literature search for systematic review papers and other similar types of papers is part of the method and, like all other scientific methods, must be clearly and thoroughly described in order to be reproducible and verifiable.