Dr. Ted Hewitt visited Croatia

Dr. Ted Hewitt, Head of the Canadian Commission for Coordination of Research, visited Croatia and was welcomed by members of Cochrane Croatia - Tina Poklepović Peričić, Ph.D., Karmela Krleža-Jerić, Ph.D.  and professor Dario Sambunjak.

Since there is a tendecy to concretize cooperation with Canada in the field of science and research and open up the possibility for the Republic of Croatia to join the Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP), a meeting with organizations from the Croatian scientific system was organized with Dr. Hewitt. Dr. Hewitt is committed to harmonizing, integrating and coordinating research projects and policies with the agencies that fund them.

Visitors interested in open science and open data were presented with presentations on the state of the legislation in the field of open access and open science in Croatia, on the implementation of support systems for open science and open education in Croatia.

Dr. Hewitt then introduced the Canadian Open Science and Open Access approach, and the experience of publishing open research data.

For Cochrane Croatia this was a good opportunity to talk about possibilities for cooperation with Cochrane colleagues from Canada.

Dr. Hewitt's presentation is available here