Dr. Irena Zakarija-Grkovic has been elected to Cochrane's Centre Director's Executive Committee (2016-01-15)

Dr. Irena Zakarija-Grkovic, Co-Director of Cochrane Croatia since 2012, has been elected to Cochrane's  Centre Director's Executive Committee (CDs Exec). This executive committee organises and coordinates meetings and activities of mutual interest for Cochrane's Centres and Branches, and is one of the the key executive bodies within Cochrane. Dr. Zakarija-Grkovic was elected by her fellow directors, in a secret ballot, showing that her colleagues value her enthusiasm and committment to Cochrane, and recognise her qualities as Co-Director of Cochrane Croatia. Apart from Dr. Zakarija-Grkovic, other newly elected members of the CDs Executive Committee are Tianjing Li from Cochrane USA, Giordano Perez Gaxiola from Cochrane Mexico and Rintaro Mori from Cochrane Japan.