Cochrane's education: Evidence based dental medicine

It is our great pleasure to inform you about the maintenance of Cochrane's "Evidence Based Dental Medicine" education, which will be held on May 23, 2019 at the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb.

We believe that this education is an excellent opportunity for students and faculty members of the Dental School to get to know directly the role and work of Cochrane and the work of the Cochrane Oral Health Group. We also consider education an important opportunity to present the latest evidence valuable for clinical practice and to better understand the importance of Cochrane's evidence in dental medicine.

The content of the program includes topics that will benefit all participants in terms of personal and professional development. The program will concentrate on the importance of applying quality scientific evidence in dental medicine, as well as on guidelines and steps in making systematic reviews. It is important that each participant understands the importance, results and reliability of the evidence, as well as adopt guidelines for assessing the quality of reporting and methodological quality.

Furthermore, there will be a workshop on systematic database search, as it is the basis of every research work, especially in the form of systematic review works, and will also include familiarization with relevant databases and search on computers.

Education is held under the patronage of the City of Zagreb.

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