Cochrane za sve

Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina symposium called «Cochrane for everyone» held at Medical School in Mostar

Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina second scientific symposium took place on Friday January 17th in front of the full auditorium of the University of Mostar School of Medicine.

Judging by its name «Cochrane for everyone», the symposium reached its expectations by attracting huge interest from the media, medical students and clinicians.

Co-directors of Cochrane Croatia, Irena Zakarija-Grković and Tina Poklepović Peričić presented the work of Cochrane, talked about the importance of evidence in medicine, and the role of Cochrane in improving clinical practice. Assist. prof. Goran Poropat from Medical School in Rijeka presented the design of Cochrane systematic reviews, the Cochrane review process, including the challenges during the process. In fact the Cochrane team from Rijeka, with assist prof. Goran Poropat, assist. prof. Goran Hauser and prof. Davor Štimac has a longtime experience authoring Cochrane reviews, both intervention and diagnostic test accuracy and takes great part in the editorial base of the Cochrane Hepatobiliary Group.

The symposium in Mostar was useful in terms of promoting the work of Cochrane and its influence to all stakeholders within the health system, but it also allowed an opportunity to talk about further developing Cochrane network and building future collaboration between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sincere congratulations to all members of Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina for organising the symposium so nicely, and for the support they get from their host institution, the dean, prof. Milenko Bevanda and prof. Katarina Vukojević in particular, who has been advising and helping the development and growth of Cochrane in Bosnia and Herzegovina since its initiation. Also, congratulations for developing long list of partner collaborations with relevant local and national institutions, as well as for many enthusiasts gathered around Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Finally, congratulations and huge thanks to Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina directors, prof. Filipa Markotić and prof. Svjetlana Grgić for their work and success in promoting the Cochrane work, and for their kind hospitality.