Cochrane Room opens at University Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb, Croatia

As a part of the library multimedia space, a Cochrane Room was opened in University Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb, Croatia on 4 November 2015.

The Cochrane Room is a separate room within the library, with high-end computers and large screens. The idea is that the name of the Room will foster using Cochrane evidence and motivate hospital staff to engage in preparation of Cochrane Reviews. Opening of the Cochrane Room was initiated by Prof. Marko Banic, Md, PhD, director of the Hospital, with Dr. Sinisa Varga, Health Minister of Croatia and Prof. Livia Puljak, Knowledge Translation Coordinator of Cochrane Croatia participating in the official opening ceremonies.

This is the first room dedicated exclusively to Cochrane in Croatia, and it is especially commendable that this happened in a university hospital. After Cochrane Croatia was established, a nation-wide survey about knowledge and awareness of evidence-based medicine (EBM) and Cochrane evidence among physicians in university hospitals and those in family medicine was conducted. A telephone survey of 573 physicians was conducted between September 2008 and December 2009. The question on the highest level of evidence in EBM was correctly answered by 53% respondents, 30% heard of Cochrane, and 34% heard about the Cochrane Library. Although we found that family physicians had significantly lower level of awareness, knowledge, and use of EBM and the Cochrane Library than physicians from university hospitals, there was still room for improvement among hospital physicians.

 We hope that initiatives such as Cochrane Room, which can be facilitated by the hospital management, will improve visibility of Cochrane evidence in Croatia, together with all the knowledge translation activities of Cochrane Croatia such as translation of plain language summaries in Croatian language.