Cochrane Croatia team building

On Thursday, June 27, the second team building event was held for members of Cochrane Croatia.

Due to the high heat, members of Cochrane Croatia decided to cool along the river Žrnovnica, near the old mill in Žrnovnica. There, along with our guests, Tianjing Li, Jelena Savović and Sarah Tanveer from Cochrane, we played badminton, swung on swings, dipped our feet in the river, and strolled and enjoyed the beautiful nature.

Professor Matko Marušić entertained us with his humorous and instructive stories and, with homemade, deliciously prepared food, we enjoyed in a relaxing atmosphere and a pleasant company. There were also some ideas and agreements for further work of Cochrane Croatia, so everyone present agreed that as many meetings should take place in such an environment.