Cochrane Colloquium Vienna

“Filtering the information overload for better decisions”

3rd – 7th October 2015

 This will be the biggest Colloquium ever!!

And that is for good reason - Annual Cochrane Colloquia offer MUCH MORE than a typical conference:

- TOP key note speakers - 4 of whom have done TED talks!!

- 5 time slots to visit 90-minute workshops - that is 7.5 hours of education. Choice of over 90+ workshops and two full-day workshops.

- 9 hours of oral sessions - SO MUCH CUTTING EDGE RESEARCH!

- Special sessions from WHO, EMA, on trial registries and new sources of data, rapid reviews, and much more.

- The first Colloquium since the re-brand; this is an incredibly dynamic and exciting time for Cochrane!

All for €990 if you register before 22 July 2015!

It's actually a great deal compared with similar workshop/conference offers, when you think about it.


Come to Vienna, learn, network, exchange ideas, and support and engage with Cochrane!