Activities of Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina

Members of Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina, asst. prof. Filipa Markotić, asst. prof. Svjetlana Grgić, and asst. prof. Kaja Mandić, this year were active participants in the 11th Croatian Cochrane Symposium, organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and dedicated to systematic reviews in the social sciences. Participants had the opportunity to hear about Cochrane and Campbell's work in promoting positive social change through the production and use of a synthesis of existing evidence.

Asst. prof. Svetlana Grgić and Nikolina Penava, PhD, participated, at personal expense, in the course "How to make a systematic review of literature: basics of methodology and practical steps", held from 9 to 10 May 2019 at the University of Split, School of Medicine. Thus they significantly contributed to the promotion of work of Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina and will contionue spreading knowledge about the possibilities of systematic reviews in practice and their implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Developing systematic reviews in Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to be a major challenge for all Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina enthusiasts.

In addition to the above activities, Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time had the opportunity to actively promote evidence-based medicine principles by persistently raising awareness of the importance of Cochrane systematic reviews. To encourage the availability and application of Cochrane systematic reviews in clinical decision making members of Cochrane Bosnia and Hercegovina participated at major professional events, 5th Congress of Infectious Diseases and the 2nd Congress of Microbiologists with international participation held from 19 to 22 September in Tuzla which was a great honor and pleasure.

Mahir Fidahić had the opportunity to present the work and activities of Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina and thereby gain numerous Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina sympathizers among fellow microbiologists and infectologists who have shown openness and willingness to cooperate in the future, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and and in the region.

Cochrane of Bosnia and Herzegovina has also made the first collaborations with partner organizations so that in the future we can plan with partners how to create a better future for patients and ensure health decisions are made based on the latest and highest quality evidence. Through day-to-day work in the form of volunteer translation by Cochrane Croatia translator members and holding monthly meetings as agreed, the enthusiasm of Cochrane Bosnia and Herzegovina members and the desire to further elevate and refine to the honor and pride of Cochrane Croatia.